Leapin’ Lizard RV Ranch reserves the right to refuse entry of any person, pet and/or vehicle. All rules are strictly enforced. Use of RV park and facilities is at user’s own risk.

RV Park Rules

A few things to make your stay more pleasant.

1. SPEED LIMIT 5-1/2 MPH – Vehicle tag required for all vehicles. Do not park in the roadway or open sites.

2. QUIET HOURS – 10:00 pm to 7:30 am. No outside TV/music after 10pm! No loud TV/music at any time.


4. RESTROOM CLEANING Men’s: 9:30AM-10:30AM. Women’s 10:30AM-11:30AM.

5. PETS are always welcome. Dogs must be leashed and attended while outdoors. Noisy or unruly pets are not allowed. Please pick-up after your pet.

6. CHILDREN must be under the control of an adult and supervised in all areas of the park.

7. VISITORS are required to check in. Extra charges may incur if using Park facilities or have an OHV. RV Park guests are responsible for their visitors.

8. CAMP FIRES are allowed in metal containers only. Please use metal cans in trash area for ashes. Do not put ashes on landscaped areas.

9. RESTROOMS/SHOWERS & LAUNDRY are located near main entrance. Please no unattended children.

10. GARBAGE & RECYCLABLE trash containment areas are located throughout the park. Please recycle.

11. TELEPHONE For Emergency use only, there is a landline telephone in the office. Cell phone “hotspot” located at the office.

12. LANDSCAPED AREAS are to be kept off of. Please walk around, not through, sites.

13. SITE SAFETY – Please keep camp fires, firewood and fuel containers away from the RV.

14. VEHICLE CARE – no major vehicle repair allowed. Oil change area available, please inquire at office. Vehicle and RV washing allowed on site. Vehicle wash area also located outside the off-road gate.

15. STORAGE AND HORSE AREA KEEP OUT! See the office for assistance.

16. EXTRA VEHICLE AND UTILITY PARKING is available. Inquire in the office.

Enjoy Your Stay at Leapin’ Lizard RV Ranch!

Off-Highway Vehicle Use


  • atv-ohv-ocatilla-wells-leapin-lizard-rv-ranch-borrego-springs-caThe operation of any OHV at your RV Site is not allowed.
  • All off-highway dirt bikes (including street legal) and all 2-stroke ATV’s must be pushed out of the RV Park and across Kunkler Lane to the dirt trail before starting.
  • Upon return, stop engine on the dirt trail and push into the Park.
  • All other OHV’s may idle quietly to the off-road parking area inside the RV park. Push to site.

In The RV Park

  • No starting any OHV at your site.
  • All vehicles must be in good working condition.
  • All OHVs must have a stock muffler.
  • LOUD vehicles must be pushed out. No exceptions!
  • No major vehicle repairs allowed. See the office for welding & mechanic information.
  • Keep engine noise to an idle at all times.

Before You Ride

  • Shut off OHV while waiting for or helping others.
  • Start and go! Keep idle time to one minute maximum.
  • No revving!! No racing!!
  • Use the off-road gate crosswalk to access the OHV dirt trail. Do not block the gate!
  • Stay on the dirt trail. Go slow! 15 MPH.

This is not a RV resort for everyone, and we want to ensure that before you commit yourselves to staying here that you understand what is expected of each of our guests. Leapin’ Lizard RV Ranch has created a stellar reputation for ourselves for maintaining a clean and happy environment for our patrons, but a large part of that has to do with the rules. If you have problems with some of these rules, then ask us for more information before you make a reservation and see if they are things you can vacation with.


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