Off Road Rules

Summary of Off Highway Vehicle Rules (Also, see RV Park Rules.)

Leapin’ Lizard RV Ranch has a limited number of off-highway vehicle sites available. They are on a first-come, first-served basis. All occupants and guests of Leapin’ Lizard RV Ranch with an off-highway vehicle must read these rules and will be required to sign a copy of the rules at check-in indicating their agreement to comply.

The use of an off-highway vehicle in this Park is a privilege. Management reserves the right to remove that privilege.


Here is a gallery of our off-highway vehicle areas. If you wish to view the full gallery in a larger sized format, click on any picture in the gallery.

  • ALL DIRT BIKES (including street legal), PUSH IN and OUT of RV Park.
  • The operation of an off-highway vehicle at your RV site is not allowed. Off-highway vehicle parking is available inside the Park. OHVs may be pushed or towed to RV sites.
  • All off-highway vehicles must be equipped with a stock muffler.
  • Repairs to vehicles (off-highway or street legal) are not allowed. Minor adjustments may be made if accomplished quietly. Management reserves the right to allow/deny questionable repairs. Vehicles are to be in working condition upon entering the Park.
  • Long periods of idling vehicles (off-highway or street legal) not allowed. Revving of engines not allowed, keep engine noise to an idle at all times.

For the Comfort & Safe of All Our Guests, Please Come & Go Quietly!


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